Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gotta love that reception

A few months ago I used up some leftover yarn and made a beautiful blue hat, which unfortunately didn't fit me or Liza. It went in the Pile of Unassigned Presents, where it stayed until this past weekend, when I grabbed it as a last-minute addition to the birthday gifts for our next-door neighbor. I taught Emmy to crochet a few months ago, and she's generally crafty, so I figured she would appreciate the effort, even if it didn't fit.

Well, she opened it, ooohed and aaahhhed over it, tried it on, and it fit perfectly. And she wore it for two days straight. In July.

Did I mention it's made of bulky wool?

And Liza loves Emmy so much that she decided it was necessary to wear a hat so they'd both match, which is how I ended up with this in my backyard yesterday ...

Too cute for words, those two.

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Leslie said...


That is too cute!

(Although with the summer we've been having, there ahve been days that I've been tempted to get the hats out!)