Monday, July 06, 2009

Oh, hai! Are you sure you're not just some figment of my fever-addled consciousness?

  • Average temperature of the female foreheads in our household: 101.2
  • Chance that I'm going to get off the couch to cook dinner: 0
  • Chance that my husband is going to stop at Manhattan Deli West [(440) 734-8500] and buy me a vat of chicken noodle soup for dinner: 100%
  • With extra oyster crackers: 100%
  • Number of times I'm going to have to fast-forward The Princess Bride before he gets home: >5
  • Chance that we'll make it all the way through the movie without her losing it or falling asleep: <25%
  • Amount that I give a shit about whether she loses it because dammit I'm sick and I want to watch a movie: 0%

So, how's your day going?


Anonymous said...

Ahhh - know just how you feel. Had the flu 4 weeks ago, took me 3 weeks to get rid of that thing. And no sick kid on top .... So sorry, hope you get better soon. K's mom

MrsHappy7105 said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well! Is Liza sick too or are you running a really high temp?

Hope you are feeling better soon. (And that DH brings you EXTRA extra Oyster crackers.)

Aunt Susan said...

Get better!!!!