Sunday, July 12, 2009

Memory Lane

Certain Events (which will be discussed later when I'm not so tired and angry) made it necessary to completely clean out the part of the basement where Liza's extra toys are stored, and while I was moving some old travel books, I found three CDs of pictures that I'm pretty sure never made it onto the portable backup hard drive. I've been copying them over to my computer so I can save them for posterity, and it's been a trip down memory lane.

There are so many cool pictures in there that I'm going to devote this week to sharing them. Item one: me having a dolphin encounter at Discovery Cove, February 2005.

This picture was taken about two and a half months before I delivered Liza, and yet I managed to cram myself into a wet suit (not to mention an airplane seat for four hours each way to get down there and back). In fact, we found out the day we left for Florida that we were expecting a girl, a fact which we hadn't been able to confirm in any of the previous exams. Knowing that it was a girl really made the whole pregnancy thing seem very real, and the entire trip to Florida was sort of surreal as a result.

At any rate, this was our last trip as a couple, and I have photographic proof that I got to pet a smiley dolphin, so it's all good.


MrsHappy7105 said...

Very cool picture and memory. I'm happy for you that you found them both.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful picture - the dolphin is smiling upon you, a happy event. K's mom

mlf said...

Ahhh.... the simplier times of pre-kid.

Not happier times, but simplier times.