Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Funny story

On Monday we stopped for lunch somewhere near Frederick, Maryland, where we had the chance to sit next to a family so classy the father felt it was appropriate to go out to lunch with his wife and teenage daughters while wearing a bright orange, ratty-looking t-shirt that declared "If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna be trouble."

One of the sons? boyfriends? sitting with them had very short, dark, curly hair, and despite his very light-colored skin, Liza decided he looked exactly like Barack Obama. I bet he would have really appreciated that, if I hadn't shushed her before she screamed it at the top of her lungs.


cs white said...

Hey, locals may call Frederick "fredneck," but I promise we're not all this bad!

Anonymous said...

Wait until her reading skills develop. Then she'll loudly comment on the t-shirts!

Leslie said...

oh that's a classy shirt now!! :)

*just* what I'd want my hubby to wear!