Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today is when I'm supposed to say something inspiring about the election.

Turns out, John has already said it. He used a touch more newborn-in-the-house-sleep-deprivation-induced cursing than I probably would have left in after editing, but the sentiment is the same.

Also, election night is the one time every four years when my husband gives his inner political science major (true!) free reign. I can tell it's going to be "knit socks while trying not to look at Wolf Blitzer's eyebrows" night in front of the tv for me. If only I had a book on tape that was something other than Nate the Great, I'd hide in our bedroom until the REAL results were in, not the kind they're giving us now.

"With only 4% of the precincts reporting, we're going to call Virginia for Senator Obama." Say whaaa? Apparently no one in the media has learned from past mistakes.

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mlf said...

It is over and the good guy won.