Saturday, November 29, 2008

I should know better by now

We've returned from the Land That High Speed Forgot, so I've been catching up on all the blogs I read regularly. I should know better than to try to drink from a sports bottle while reading Go Fug Yourself, especially when they come up with things like ...

It's basically a hugely elaborate chastity belt -- poor Chris Brown
probably had to spend half an hour helping her peel them off after the show,
possibly while she held onto a doorframe as he pulled as hard as he could in the
opposite direction and tried to grease the wheels with hand lotion and saliva.
And if that weren't a deterrent enough to anyone invading her personal space,
her spiky bodice -- the sides of which appear to be barfing chains -- is
something I imagine strippers wore in Mordor. It's very overdone and freaky, and
I can't BELIEVE she was willing to put up with chains thwacking against her
Precious every time she moved.

You know how sometimes you burp a little stomach acid into the back of your throat and it tastes bad and stings a lot? Yeah, turns out that happens if you laugh really hard while trying not to spit Crystal Light all over your desk. I gotta go clean out my sports bottle now.

I hope to have time to go through all of the Thanksgiving photos tomorrow, but here's one to hold you for now ...

Guess what we got for Christmas ...

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mlf said...

The new electronic YOGA game?