Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The posse in action

left to right - Liza, Dirty Bunny*, Pink Kitty, Mingo, and the merest smidgeon of Bob the Blanket.

The sleeping on her side thing is new ... now when she wants me to stop singing and go to sleep, she says "Night night, Mama," and rolls over on her side with at least half of the posse under her arm. Ohhhhhhh the preciousness ....
*Liza now knows that there is more than one bunny, thanks to some rather forgetful laundry sorting in front of her. I explained that the one in the laundry was a dirty bunny, and she had a clean bunny to play with. Since then she has sporadically referred to whatever bunny is currently in action as "Dirty Bunny," especially when I swap one out for a clean bunny. As in, "Dirty Bunny needs shower. Clean Bunny! Okay!"

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