Monday, July 09, 2007

Thanks for the postcard love while we were gone

Not pictured: Three more that came in today, all from my cousin in California. Pretend they're sitting next to the rest of the ones she and her husband sent, which are the middle row.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Postcardapalooza 2007. Liza got about 30 postcards and letters, some of which included stickers or temporary tattoos. Our prize for most postcards from one family goes to Liza's second cousin Nicholas, who sent everything in the bottom two rows. Well, since he's only a year and a half old, I guess the prize goes to his mom, but whoever they came from, Liza loved them. Prize for the most unusual card goes to my cousin from California, who sent the two-story outhouse we received today. Nice!

All of the postcards and letters are currently filling up Liza's pretend mailbox, and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun going through them the next time we get a rainy afternoon.

And in case anyone was wondering, Liza was a total trooper while we were gone. Apparently the first day she woke up from nap and sort of looked around for us, then told her grandmother "Mama and Daddy on trip. Liza stay here with Mom-Mom. Snack?" You can't ask for better than that!

Of course, now that we're home, she's been sort of velcroed to my leg again, and the anxiety she was showing about things like storytime and her tumbling class are only getting worse. But at least we got a four-day break, and my mother-in-law doesn't appear to have been too scarred by the experience. So, Susie, what are you doing in September? :)

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Anonymous said...

The bigger question, however, is whether momma had any separation anxieties?