Sunday, July 01, 2007

Volunteer crop

No, I don't know what variety of mushroom these are, and no, we won't be eating them. Not only are they unidentifiable (even after half an hour on the internet), they look like something that was puked up on our lawn by the Mushroom Fairy. The grossness just doesn't show up on a small photo that well - let's look closer, shall we?
Notice that they completely engulf the leaves of grass? Ewww.

Ever since our first summer in Cleveland, when some folks died from eating wild mushrooms they found in the Metropark (Destrying Angel amanita, in case you care), I've been a bit skittish about anything white growing in my lawn. Except giant puffballs - those are easy to spot, and are supposed to be delicious. I'm not sure how you would carve one, though - do you need a dust mask and safety goggles? Or if you get them early enough do they not puff? Because the basketball-sized one our neighbors had in Kentucky sent up a cloud that changed the weather pattern in town for a week.


Anonymous said...

Are they chunks of tripe from your garbage can?

Enrique Henny said...

slime mould I think

Enrique Henny said...

slime mould? Is it?