Monday, May 18, 2009

Breaking news!

One of the triops has what look like egg sacs!  Our precious baby "Cheney" is going to be a mommy!

So it's sort of awkward that "Cheney" is actually a girl (or a hermaphrodite ... triops swing both ways, you know).  Guess we're going to have to change its name to "Coulter," seeing as how it's always bullying the others and is generally so full of crap that it trails along behind her all day.  

Coulter's also the one who ate all the tasty bits from half of the dead triops before I removed them from the water, but that's a whole 'nother issue.  Had to pry her off a corpse in order to clean out the water ... shudder ...

I'll try to get a photo of the expectant mother, but since we had the Incident a few days ago, the triops have been living in a spare Gladware plastic container, and the sides of that are sort of frosted, so it's no good for underwater photography.  When I get another bottle of distilled water, I'll get the tank with the clear sides cleaned out and see if we can't get some pregnancy shots.  In the meantime, you can check out flickr for other people's shots ... this one is the closest to what Coulter's sporting today.

Now I have to decide whether I want to try to save and hatch the eggs once this round of dudes dies off.  Doesn't sound like it's terribly hard, but I'm not sure how long I want to devote kitchen counter space to creepy-looking invertebrates.

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