Saturday, May 09, 2009

I needs me some of that

I have no idea what is in the triops food, but judging by how energetic they are every time I feed them, I needs me some of whatever that is.  Endless circles and backflips and tunnelling through the gravel and "hey, look - the surface tension on the water lets me walk upside down on the underside of the surface!"  They're going to be leaping out of the tank like Shamu if they get any more jacked up than this.  And they're only 3/8" long!  That's about like this: ___ including the little forked whiskery tail thingees.

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mlf said...

Saw the new Star Trek movie last night, in Imax. The whole family wore their favorite Star Trek costume or t-shirt. Except for the youngest who clutched her Spok teddy bear. It was a great time and a great movie.

The triops would be a great character in the next movie.