Sunday, May 03, 2009


First, there was homemade ice cream cake on her actual birthday. (You were right, Mrs. Happy, it did take a lot of grease and a hairdryer to get that thing out of the pan)

Then, we invited 13 of her closest friends (13? how does that happen?) for a party at the gym.  I have 400 pictures of the event, and not a single one has its subject actually in focus.  I'm choosing to interpret that as "they were having a really good time," not "my camera is a piece of crap in low light conditions."

And she got cupcakes and a butterfly cake at the party.  Everyone liked the store-bought chocolate frosting better than my homemade buttercream frosting - including me.  So much for that little bit of extra effort.

And she got waaaaay more presents than our current storage situation is ready to handle.  We have officially quadrupled the number of Barbie-type dolls in our home since this morning, and we have been enticed into the godforsaken thrall of Polly Pocket and Her Eight Million Microscopic Accessories.

It was a good birthday, even if it did take close to a week to celebrate.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sleep for a week.  And eat the rest of the tub of chocolate frosting.


mlf said...

Get a dog.

Mine loves to eat the Polly Pocket accessories.

Anonymous said...

There are some things you should just leave to the professionals....LOL! You knit the socks - I'll bake the cakes. I thought your homemade frosting was delicious. (Do you have any leftover - I would be GLAD to polish it off for you!)Also - you have to make a decision now. Whether to actively persue the Pollys until all pieces are put away each day OR make the decision to just "let it go" and let her deal with missing pieces (if and when she EVER misses them). It's your call......ENJOY!