Monday, May 18, 2009

Well, darn

12:15 pm - I'm posting about the triops pregnancy.

2:00 pm - On my way out the door to pick up Liza, I notice that three of the triops are belly-up on the bottom of the tank with nary a fluttering swimmerette among them.  Cheney ... er, Coulter isn't one of them.  Huzzah!

3:45 pm - All five, dead as doornails.  My sensitive and delicate daughter's response to the news?  "NOW can I touch one?"  Yeah, um, NO.


Anonymous said...

So, are they all dead now???? I hate that. Did the same thing years ago with some kind of creatures but I don't remember what they were. It's okay to be happy if they are gone because they were a pain and they smelled bad.

Anonymous said...

Time for an autopsy.