Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My daughter

Liza had a hard day today, what with having to gleefully watch my podiatrist relieve me of gallons of blood through the bottom of my right foot, and having to share her favorite playground with 75 other 4-year-olds from her school, and having to watch Handy Manny for an hour while I toiled with shovel and hoe and 4,000 bags of sand in our swampy new flower garden.  My goodness, her life is tough.

So it wasn't really a surprise that she wouldn't go to sleep right away tonight, wanting to be rocked, and then wanting to get out of her room altogether.  I told her she could stay up and ruin her mood for tomorrow if she wanted, but I had work today (thank you, mermaid costume purchaser!).  She played quietly in her room for almost an hour, and the only things I heard from her involved needing ice cubes for the water glass by her bed.

At 9:15 she called out and asked me to help her cover up with more silkies.  I go in to see what's going on, and she insisted it was necessary to sleep on her bed ...
 - sideways
 - on top of her pillow, with a smaller pillow under her head, so she's actually letting all the blood drain slowly into her brain
 - while wearing her polarfleece bathrobe
 - and not using any sheets or quilts
 - but instead using nine 3' square silkies piled on top of each other as blankets.

I drew the line at cuddling with the 20-pound beanbag chair full of stuffed animals, though, which I confiscated on my way out the door.

She's still in there, sideways, on her pillow, wearing a robe, covered only with silkies.  I figure she only sleeps through the night half the time anyway, so tonight's quirk isn't really going to hurt anyone, even if she wakes up all freaked out.  Plus, it will be fun to see what color her face will be in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

This gives me the shivers ........K's mom
ps will mail wool next week.