Wednesday, January 14, 2009


1. My daughter's rendition of Istanbul (Not Constantinople), in which "Istanbul" and "Constantinople" are virtually the only recognizable words.

2. And the fact that the longer she sings, the more mixed-up the verses of the song get ("every gal in Constantinople ... was once New Amsterdam").

3. The digital photo frame I just bought, which is going to let us actually SEE all the awesome photos I've printed out and stuck into albums that nobody ever looks at. Imagine that. Also, it was on sale for half off the regular price, and it plays videos, too, so I can force the Jehovah's Witnesses to watch Liza crawl for the first time.

4. The sound sharp scissors make when cutting through fabric.

5. The kind of snow that makes crunchy squeaks when you walk on it.

Bonus for today: Snowblowers. Next to microwaves and computers, quite possibly the best invention of our time. Because I'd be hospitalized and/or insane by now if I had to actually shovel our driveway twice a day every day for the past, oh, it seems like forever but it's probably only been a week.

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