Monday, January 05, 2009

4/365 - the photographic edition

1. Eating lunch with this dude five feet away (through our patio door) the whole time.

2. Seriously, how cute are the rolls of fat? And the fact that he was willing to turn his back on two people and two cats watching him from a couple feet away?
3. Going "grocery shopping" with a list she's written herself (as I tell her which letter to write next). On today's list: tomato, butter, waffle.

4. The silence that descends on the house when she's presented with glitter glue and a tub of sequins. Thank you, craft gods.

5. Have I mentioned the winter sun? We're all loving it.


Anonymous said...

You are feeding this squirl too many peanuts - it soon will need an elevator up it's tree! Great shots though. K's mom

mlf said...

I think that I can see your reflection in the squirrel's eye.