Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear Township: plow our street already

It's been snowing pretty steadily since yesterday, and the almost complete lack of wind meant that everything came straight down and stayed where it fell. It's a much easier-dealt-with snowfall than the nasty swirly drifting ones, as at least you know pretty much what depth you're going to be shoveling or blowing for the whole driveway. Plus, it looks cool.

Behold, the marshmallow effect:

Don't believe me about the lack of wind? Here's Liza's disc swing, which moves if you breathe heavily nearby:
I've been up since around 8am, and while the streets were obviously plowed sometime overnight, nobody's done squat with them as the snow piled up all day today. There are up to 8" of snow in parts of our street, even in the areas that were "plowed" last night. The mailman apparently drives some sort of all-terrain assault vehicle, because he managed to bust through about 18" of snow along the sides of the road so that we could all get our useless catalogs today.

When I was out dealing with the snowfall for the second time today, I decided to make life a little easier for the mailman by clearing away the worst of the snow on the street near our box. Can't you tell? (also, here's a bonus view of the tunnel-like path to our side of the box):

Sometime around lunch the temperature went up a degree or two, just enough that some of the stuff on the exposed areas started to thaw a bit, which is how we ended up with The Icicles Of Doom hanging over our back door:

I'm just itching to reach out and break one off, but I know if I open the back door a foot of snow is going to collapse on the hardwood floor, and that's just not an acceptable tradeoff.


kylieann said...

Good lord!! Very hard to imagine when you're sweltering in 35degrees celcius with way too much humidity. Pictures made me feel a little cooler though.

mlf said...

Today, it'll be in the mid-60s in Dallas. Interested in moving?