Monday, January 12, 2009


1. Watching half a dozen girls in princess dresses at a birthday party spontaneously start a game of Ring Around the Rosy, with no adult prompting or interference.

2. Dealing with Gimpy the Squirrel last winter wasn't any fun, but it makes for a really funny story to tell at parties.

3. Planet Earth

4. Jason has finally come around to my way of thinking, which is this: if there aren't any other decent snacks in the house, that already-open bag of chocolate chips in the pantry will do in a pinch.

5. Knitting for myself, especially with the loooooovely cashmere/silk laceweight yarn I bought myself to celebrate the end of the sock madness.


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful thing to watch those little girls.

Thank you for sharing the gimpy story. I had to check out your blog for the pics. (They were too crazy - I had to see him for myself)

And last but not least - thanks for making me laugh. I laughed all my mascara off last night at your Mr. T. Coloring book entry. Mr. Happy thinks I'm absolutely crazy now.

mlf said...

My family LOVEs the Planet Earth videos. We first heard about these videos from the Mind Flush. Thank you for turning us on to them!