Friday, January 16, 2009


1. The feeling you get when you finally do something you've been putting off, and it isn't nearly as boring/bad/painful/whatever as you'd feared.

2. Hearing Liza address her new BFF (the girl she met at the play area at the mall, when they ran headfirst into each other and fell down, laughing hysterically) as, "Where are you, my little friend?"

3. Watching steam rise from the small part of the waterfall on the river that's not frozen yet.

4. Taking a 20-minute nap on the couch under a blanket I crocheted. The warm cat curled up on my stomach was a nice touch, too.

5. The satisfaction of dumping out a vacuum cleaner tank full of cat hair, dust mites, sequins, and various forms of breakfast cereal, all of which has accumulated since last Friday. So long, suckers!

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