Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whole30, day 10

Meal 1: Hamburger and half a grapefruit, both of which I prepped the night before.

Meal 2: Large salad with leftover shrimp from the night before, plus fruit.

Meal 3: balsamic vinegar chicken, plus a carrot/celery/cilantro salad with sesame dressing.

Liza had a carrot, some fruit, and a plain chicken breast. Verdict: I had forgotten how good this recipe is! We hardly ever buy boneless skinless chicken breasts anymore, so I haven't made this in years. The Trader Joe's chicken breasts were giant, to the point where I had a hard time eating a whole one plus all the veggies. Liza had no issues, though, tearing through hers in record time.

Observations: I have 3 triumphs to report:
1. My stomach felt better today, and I wasn't hungry until mealtimes (for the most part).
2. I successfully went to a bagel store (where I used to buy a bagel and diet coke for lunch almost every day) and bought an unsweetened iced tea, and I left the store without leaving a trail of drool and regret behind me. Go, me!
3. A sales rep came to the shop today and brought us cookies and brownies from the bakery next door. He left them sitting on the main table, where the brown bags could stare at me all day. I was good - I thought about them, maybe even fantasized about that brownie a little bit - but I did not eat them. Even when Erika had one. Even when Kathy brought in her own cookie and ate it in front of me. It was a long day, and I tried to stay away from the table as much as possible, but I made it through. I am insanely proud of myself.

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