Friday, January 09, 2015

Whole30 day 5

Today I dawdled and didn't have time to eat my own breakfast before driving Liza to her bus stop. Usually, this would end with me stopping at the Burger King next to the gym to eat some awful sandwich before regretting it for an hour while I exercised. Instead, today I drove home and fixed myself the scrambled eggs I had been planning, and I enjoyed them very much, thank you. I feel like this is a double win, because not only did I not fall back into my old ways when confronted with a challenge, I made the best of it and came up with an exceptionally tasty meal out of random stuff I scrounged from the fridge! And hopefully I won't regret this one every time I burp while swimming ...

Meal 1:
Jason had a baked potato and some cooked chicken.
Liza had sausage and some snap peas
I made myself scrambled eggs with spinach, sausage, capers, and half an avocado on top - best breakfast all week!

Meal 2: Liza had her familiar turkey rolls, plus cherries and blueberries. 

Jason and I had essentially the same salad I had yesterday, plus cherries and blueberries on the side.

Meal 3: Jason had leftovers from last night. Liza had a baked sweet potato and some slices of deli roast beef, plus a few pieces of chicken from the soup I made.  And I had Lemon Chicken Riceless soup (rice was replaced with shredded potato, and I used arrowroot powder instead of flour to thicken it). It wasn't bad; made it with homemade chicken broth and canned veggie broth, which had a different flavor than the all-canned-chicken-broth versions I've made in the past. The potatoes weren't the same as rice, but it definitely worked. Here's a glamour shot of the soup, which wasn't actually as green as it looks here:

Observations: today I put off my afternoon snack until I had left work, and by that point I was so hungry I was ready to lick the crumbs out of the bottom of the container of nuts and dried fruit. I think the salad should have been bigger, or something, because I'm still hungry now, and that's after a decent dinner. Maybe the whole "diet" aspect of this is finally catching up with me. Maybe I'll go eat a couple of dried apricots and see if that helps.

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