Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Whole30, day 2

Meal 1- Chicken salad and fruit for me and Jason:
Verdict: a little sloppy due to soggy chicken when I made it, and OMG nothing I can eat gets rid of onion breath, but it totally kept me full until 1pm.

Turkey, leftover bacon, and some fruit for Liza:
Verdict: "I get to eat this for breakfast? Yesssss!" And she didn't eat much of her in-school snack, so that's a good sign about quantity.

Meal 2- salad with leftover shrimp and tropical salsa, plus guacamole, for the adults:

Verdict: my god, seriously, nothing gets rid of onion breath. And this was way better cold on a salad than it was hot last night for dinner.

Turkey, cut up veggies, and pears for the kid (plus a Larabar for snack in class):
Verdict: she ate all of the pears and turkey, and she's eating the carrots and celery as a snack after school. The Larabar was pronounced "weird" after two bites. I tried a bite later and kind of agree...it's like a not-good cross of a Nutrigrain bar and a Fig Newton. 

I used half of my bottle of unsweetened tea, and all of my nuts and dried fruit that I packed for snack. I'm pretty sure I was eating out of habit, though, so tomorrow I'll try to do better.

Meal 3- Rosemary pork roast (crock pot, I love you!), leftover roasted root vegetables from last week that I'm frying to make them crispy, and roasted asparagus.
Verdict: the pork was decent in the crock pot - different than a standard "roast," but all three of us liked it. The root veggies were amazing - I cooked them in ghee to caramelize them even more than the oven already had, and there was a decent amount of salt involved, too. The asparagus was a little weird; I had to use coconut aminos rather than soy, which gave it a different flavor. Not bad, just not the same. I think next time I'll try ghee and lemon like I used on the broccoli last night.

Other Observations:
- neither Jason nor I had headaches today. He says his vision is a little blurry like he has jet lag, but otherwise is fine. I, on the other hand, swam a mile this morning and feel great. I'm thinking that admitting that publicly has doomed me to suffer tomorrow, but I was already scheduled for a dentist appointment, so that was a foregone conclusion.

Liza says she is fantasizing about Mac-n-cheese, but she did that on normal days sometimes. Also, her friend had mini muffins AND cheez-its on the bus ride home, and she did she didn't eat any, just felt sorry for herself instead. Way to go, kiddo!

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