Monday, January 05, 2015

Whole 30, Day 1

I've jumped on the Whole 30 bandwagon for the first time, and I thought it might be interesting to "live post" things for a few days so interested parties can see what it's really like for a "normal" family (hello, Diet Coke and dill dip, my old friends!) to go through. Of course, I didn't think to start writing while I was prepping food yesterday, or going to three grocery stores to get ingredients (my god, there is dextrose in everything!), or reading It Starts with Food so I understood the reasoning behind the diet. You'll just have to imagine that part for yourself

8am: Mr. Yogurt and Sweet Milky Coffee for Breakfast Everyday texts me from work that the frittata is great, but tea without sugar is a crime against nature. I hide in bed, not looking forward to convincing the kid to eat real food for breakfast. I read through some posts on my friend's Facebook support group (we're all starting today) and browse some recipes for next week to get some enthusiasm going. Screw eggs; next week we're having pot roast for breakfasts.

10am: the kid didn't eat much of the frittata but at least she didn't grouse about it. Good thing I thought to make extra bacon to give her as backup, and we had some fruit and nuts already portioned out.

11am: headache, but it's mild and I haven't had any caffeine yet. Taking Motrin and a cup of green tea.

12:15- ate lunch early so we could go meet friends at a restaurant without having to stare hungrily at their fried rice. I had a salad that should have been served in a trough, it was so big once I took it out of the container. Lettuce, spinach, some leftover roasted root vegetables from last week, a hard-boiled egg, some leftover chicken from last week, tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette dressing, and a single-serve container of Wholly Guacamole. Liza made her own salad, with carrots, celery, red pepper strips she gave to me, leftover chicken, and some cashews. Taking her leftovers, plus some dried fruit and nuts and a tea bag for me, with us to the "lunch" with friends. My headache is mostly gone, but I really want a piece of chocolate.

1:30 pm- Jason texts "That's the first time in forever that I've walked out of a restaurant and still been hungry. No-bun burger and bad fruit cup is not enough." Me, I managed to meet friends at a restaurant and just have a glass of water and not feel deprived.

4pm - start dinner prep/breakfast prep/lunch prep.

6:15pm - finally sit down to dinner! Shrimp with tropical salsa (pineapple and oranges), avocado, peppers and onions, plus a small side of steamed broccoli with ghee/lemon sauce. Broccoli was awesome, shrimp was just meh. Needed something more, not necessarily the cheese and tortillas the original recipe called for, but something. Not looking forward to having it on a salad for lunch tomorrow. Here's hoping that chilling it improves the flavor!

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