Sunday, January 18, 2015

Whole30, day 14

Let's see, what is there to report? 

> I'm down nine pounds, and I fit into my skinnier jeans well enough to wear them all day yesterday. 

> Liza still complains about not having sugar, but she's stopped whining about it after school and instead of standing in front of the pantry pining for food she can't have, she asks which kind of fruit she's allowed to have. Score!

> On Friday I didn't bring a lunch, and I got stuck waiting until almost 2 to eat. I didn't die. I wasn't even ridiculously hungry, and I didn't get a headache or anything. And I got a salad from Chipotle (which was out of the officially compliant carnitas, so I said screw it and got half chicken and half steak). I had a small pang when I stood there looking at the cheese and sour cream, and another when I had to walk past the soda machine to get to the unsweetened iced tea, but it's not like it was a consuming craving or anything. I missed it, I shrugged, and I moved on. Winner!

> Saturday we went out to Jimmy John's for lunch (unwich with no cheese or mayo; it's better with guacamole). It wasn't that inspiring, and we had to stare at the big pile of bread while we are. But it was way better than Moe's last weekend, so it was declared a success.

> We got together with friends last night at the last minute and brought our own snacks, which we shared with them. Freeze-dried fruit is insanely popular, by the way.

> I did not spend all day yesterday or today obsessing about menues and going to grocery stores. Instead, I enjoyed myself, used leftover stuff to make Mexican chicken soup for dinner, and I'm going to figure out a few meals we can make without having to kill ourselves shopping and cooking for hours. Hopefully I'll find a good balance of effort vs. payoff that will give us a sustainable way to do a scaled-back version of this going forward. Keep your fingers crossed!

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