Thursday, January 15, 2015

Whole30, day 11

Meal 1: I had leftover tomato soup with chicken added, Jason had leftover gumbo and some fruit, Liza had an apple with no-sugar-added peanut butter. Yes, I know peanut butter isn't compliant. No, I don't care - having Liza be 100% compliant was never going to happen anyway.

Meal 2: Jason had leftover tomato soup with shrimp, and some fruit; Liza had ham and tropical fruit; and I had roast beef, a hard boiled egg, the leftover carrot salad, and some blueberries. Turns out, I will eat hard boiled eggs if there's salt on them and I have some mustard to dip them in. Who knew?

Meal 3: Zoodles (zucchini cut with the spiralizer and lightly cooked) with arabbiata sauce (which is mostly bacon and tomatoes) and some sausage. Liza had sausage, strawberries, a carrot, and various other fruits.

Why yes, my kid is eating a lot of fruit. I do not see a problem with this. We throw vegetables at her when she watches tv  and isn't paying attention to what she's eating. Sneaky, right?

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